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Ticket to Paradise is historical fiction, set amongst the first wave of Welsh emigrants to Patagonia in the 19th century. Things are tough for Dafydd, Myfanwy, and their family in mid-nineteenth century Wales. The old agricultural way of life has been destroyed by the march of capitalism and industrialisation. The old squires and the new rich ironmasters and mine owners exploit the people of the valleys in equal measure.

Dafydd and his family are promised a way out – a Ticket to Paradise, to a place far across the oceans, a lush unspoilt land where they can establish a new Wales, unhindered by the cruel incomers, who not only took them off the land and dragged them down the coal mines, but deny them their beloved language, traditions and culture.

But, is all what it seems? What awaits them in that Patagonian paradise? After a cruel, passage on the tea clipper – The Mimosa, the settlers arrive exhausted, already battered and bruised by the long, arduous journey. They disembark onto those strange shores and step into their future, whatever it will be . . .


“This is an epic tale of a little known episode in Welsh history … compellingly told, and excellently written, a great story. I look forward to the feature film.” Sir Derek Jacobi

“You don’t have to be Welsh to relish this passionate story . . . the characters and their stories leap off the page, the research is accurate and heartfelt. I urge you to read it.” Miriam Margoyles

“… Elizabeth Morgan follows the exciting adventures of two families in authentic, moving, and sometimes harrowing detail.” Timothy West and Prunella Scales

‘… a fabulous story retold by Elizabeth Morgan, an extremely skilled writer, and based on a history about which few people are aware … a compelling and dramatic piece of work.” Nicholas Parsons



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