Natural Born Winners.

Posted on March 27th, 2016 by Elizabeth Morgan


Dont forget to watch Hannah Raybould's fascinating series 'Natural Born winners '- tonight BBC2 at 8pm. 

It is very well shot  and captures al all the spontaneous dialogue between the   4 guys . Well not all because I was invited  to the Welsh Bafta showing of Ep one  and we had Q and A afterwards with Gareth  T. and  his ace motorbike  co contestant , and Gareth assured us that there was fruity dialogue on the cutting floor - too much for the Beeb before watershed time. When you have sports icons all winners  in their different fields put together  for endurance  contests far removed from  their winning game,   the cracks can become apparent  and there is an air of petulance  of walking off  not wanting to play anymore . But our home grown Gareth is ace - grounded and gorgeous . That man's courage in every aspect of his life shines through . So enjoy enjoy. 

Whist at the BAFTA bar I met a  delightful young woman  Clare Sturges  who is a Creative Director  of an  award winning  (BAFTA Cymru Breakthrough Award  2015 )  company, 'Brightest Films'. Take look at  a beautiful film she made 'My brief Eternity '

She is now  or soon will be with  Channel Four . Hoping to interest her in a documentary  which could be an adjunct to my Bulgarian prison saga - about ex Stasi ! 



The One from Bulgaria ....

Posted on March 27th, 2016 by Elizabeth Morgan


A propos of my Bulgarian  prison episode I have just met up with an old friend after 20 years who was the Tour Company's rep when I was skiing in Bulgaria . She was very insightful into what was going on, and an enormous help . I went to Romania with her  after the demise of Ceausescu  with  Red Cross aid. Apart from distributing to  despairing , lovely people living in  extreme poverty in freezing  snow covered  Sinaia where the self styled monarch had his  gold embossed  palace and solid gold  cutlery  -an absolute  dead ringer for Buck House - we met the two guys who had captured him - and they described exactly how they grabbed him  as he came through a door into a darkened corridor . Careful planning was essential as the corrupt  Mr C  would have had them savagely punished had the plan gone pear shape. 



Ring your Dead Agent

Posted on April 20th, 2015 by Elizabeth Morgan

My latest book currently under consideration by a major publisher.

Bridget Jones fondles show biz underbelly - Show biz laid bare - as you always imagined.

Not for those with a sensitive disposition .


Republican satire

Posted on April 19th, 2015 by Elizabeth Morgan

Right now the play – a tongue in cheek political satire – is being looked at by the National Theatre of Wales.



Forbidden - Verboten

Posted on April 03, 2014 by lizmorg

World War Two, but from whose point of view? How many films, documentaries, and plays have we seen from the British pov from the American pov? This time we are in France, in a chateau. What was it like for the French to be occupied? What if a French girl and a German soldier fall in love. What if she works for the newly formed Resistance?

France has made an armistice with Hitler leaving the south ostensibly free. But part of a prestigious chateau in the supposedly free south is taken over by German musicians. Crazy? Not at all – it is a way of softening the population to German culture. The world loves German culture, but not when controlled by Nazi ideology. And so when a young Army Major arrives as the pianist in this musical group and sets eyes on the daughter of the chateau all reason and logic are abandoned. The trouble is he knows he has seen her before somewhere. And whilst he is far from being a Nazi she is immersed in Resistance activity collecting information for her Doctor cousin who is working alongside a well-known Resistance leader appointed by de Gaulle.

Whilst Catherine feels the powerful mutual attraction she has for Major Freddy she could also be responsible for his death. Using information she may provide, the Resistance orchestrates its secret offensive against these occupiers. It could mean Freddy’s death at any time. But many German army officers have as much to fear from Nazi thugs who hate the German hierarchy as much as Jews and French Resisters. A difficult and dangerous situation.


Dear Countess and the Navy Lark

Posted on January 19, 2015 by Elizabeth Morgan


Delighted my play ‘Dear Countess’ written in the eighties went out again yesterday pm BBC R4 extra/ – about the unconsummated marriage of John Ruskin and Effie Grey.  Derek Jacobi played Ruskin so beautifully that although I disliked the man intensely when writing the play D’s performance was so magical I felt  a sympathy for this emotionally inept man. Timothy West played Ruskin’s father and i played his mother.  It was put out last year to coincide with E. Thompson;s new film ‘Effie; about the same subject.

Heard today from Fred Vintner who runs the ‘Navy Lark’ fan club – a now iconic radio comedy series  that ran for years. It seems another play ‘HASSAN’ by J Elroy Flecker also had a recent airing on R 4Extra . I played the femme fatale opposite Joss Ackland , with Stephen Murray in a leading role. An exceptional radio voice Stephen was  the Captain for years in the Navy Lark  along with Leslie Phipps and Jon Pertwee. I wqs fortunate enough to have played in several episodes  of this romp – opposite leslie Phillips I remember –  a joy  to work with.

The repeats from  from writing and acting will bring in enough to buy a sarnie in Sainsbury’s.

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