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Liz Morgan is a well-known actress, writer, director and teacher.

In television, she has played in many serials including ’District Nurse’ ‘We are Seven’ and ‘Crossroads’; she is also a scriptwriter. She supplied the voices of Destiny and Rhapsody and Harmony Angels in Gerry Anderson’s serial Captain Scarlet. Liz has played in many theatres and toured with her one-woman plays in the UK and USA and is a visiting lecturer in Brighton University’s Creative Writing department.

As for radio drama, Liz began writing radio plays whilst on the BBC, Drama Rep starting in 1973 with "Jess", and since then has written about two dozen more for Radio 4 along with some short stories. She was a member of the BBC Repertory Company.

The radio plays cover a wide range, a timid woman faces a new life in middle age (Tom Tiddler's Pool), a woman in a coma (Responses), several plays set in France, Lady Hamilton (Beloved Emma), her one-woman presentation USA tours BBC Radio and TV and the disastrous non-marriage of John Ruskin (Dear Countess).

Throughout her professional life Elizabeth Morgan has worked in the entertainment business as an actor and writer and has appeared in numerous television serials and series. She has written 26 plays for BBC.R.4, several short stories, two recently published in a collection, and four television plays.


Since having her first book on France ‘Can we afford the Bidet?,’ published (Queen Anne Press 1993) she has written scores of articles for magazines.

‘Life Style French Style’ (How To Books 2007) is her second book on France and available everywhere. This takes a detailed regional look at France and French life

She is frequently asked to book signings – like the Nice Book Festival- and to give talks.


She recently finished a novel based on the Welsh in Patagonia, and plans to go there in the near future.


Currently, Liz is researching her second historically based novel  set in WW2 France . The Bibliothèque in Nimes has a number of fascinating one-off books written by members of the French Resistance, and of course the major histories of the period are available in English, thankfully .

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