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Have a meeting next week about a television 6 part serial  of my emigration to Patagonia book 'Ticket to Paradise' ( Hay Book fest 2015) . Period pieces are costly - but this certainly not POSH period  - so maybe  the company will consider it . They also like the idea of my prison saga - Hardly a wardrobe challenge that one!  

Welcome and bienvenue to my web site.



There is only one advantage to having lived a longish life – you cover a lot of ground; I can’t think of any other!

Acting has so many peripheral activities and I have been through a number of them, teaching, directing, writing, voice overs galore, cartoons, dubbing lip synch, in house AVs – Some activities out of necessity but usually because I love working and it’s always a challenge.


I continue to enjoy writing but things have changed.

When I was on the BBC Radio Rep – great days they were – if you had any track record as a writer you could write an outline plot of a play on an A4 and hand it in to the Script department. You would know in less than two weeks if you had been commissioned. Now – with only a few in house Beeb directors your play has to be sent to one of the dozens of companies who battle it out twice a year to submit plays, and maybe yours will be one of them. But nothing is sure. Furthermore even if you are an established writer – you must submit the finished play. How’s that for game of marbles? It’s all very convoluted, and frankly dispiriting.


That’s why I have more or less abandoned Radio plays and turned to books. Two Non Fiction books on France and now my latest, a novel based on the Welsh Emigration to Patagonia in 1865, Ticket to Paradise.. Right now  I have broken up the  story into six episodes  and currently they are being looked at by two major TV companies . As a Welsh saga - see the Daily Mail  review - it has an historical storyline  with tensions  and murders enough to interest the deep south (England! )  However my Bulgarian story could go European . Once upon a time in the days of the ugly Cold War I was imprisoned  for 6 weeks - not much maybe but one helluva long time  in solitary in a stinking cell 6ftx6ft., and accused of being a spy for the BBC and worse  an enemy of the Bulgarian state and people. Scary . Anyway I was saved / My book and  six  TV episodes  will be called 'The Spy from Auntie'. The episodes are being looked at by a couple of major TV companies  and there is also a possibility of a  documentary - which could be called 'Spot the Stasi'. And that is very far from a game! If you would like to know more  - sorry - wait until the book is out.  

It's quite odd being the last surviving member of the Captain Scarlet main characters team.  I was saddened to read of Sylvia Anderson's death, and wrote a piece  about my memories of her on Facebook 

In the last few years I have enjoyed journalism, sometimes for magazines like Saga , and Homes and Gardens , and more recently for monthly newspapers published in English for ex pats throughout France. Apart from interviewing the glitterati like Dame Vera Lynn and Roger Moore I have covered the Cannes film Festival. Sounds glammy but you need feet transplants after 10 days! Although I did get to talk to George Clooney – briefly!  Blogging is far easier on the feet despite gorgeous George  


As most of my close circle - and even distant circle know, I am a Republican - NO not the Trump / Bush kind but the old fashioned  British Republican kind before we had over indulged knickerbocker glories prancing in palaces  whom we as a nation pay  to eat  and supply their cake . GRRRR . So my latest play called Fall and Rise is currently being looked at by two major theatre companies . It is a comedy with some nuggets of truth about the first day of the British Republic . The way those in power are behaving  is so close to the play I hope it is regarded  quickly before they all start playing nicely again! The one major problem facing the deposed royals is how do they earn a living in the real world. Well  - don't answer now - think about it  - let me know.  

In January I directed an Old time Music Hall with English actors brought down specially to France at the Antibes Theatre. You can find clips on www.rivieralife.tvand www.therivierawoman.com

So have a nose through and if you find anything you’d like to discuss – or any writing you would like to use again – just contact me.


Acting/Literary agent:  Dragon Personal Management 02920 754491/ 0207 183 5362


Voice over: Calypso Voices 0207 734 6415

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